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Bets,odds analysis World Cup qualifying group 1Hungary-Sweden

Posted in predictions analysis and tips by mickemickemicke on September 2, 2009

This game is very important for both teams fighting in the World Cup qualifying group 1 to reach the World Cup.

For Sweden only 3 point counts otherwise there will be no World Cup if no wonder will appear and  for Hungary its a sensation already now being placed before Sweden and Portugal in the table and feelings for this on the Hungarian side is they having something to loose and thats having a scaring effect on a football player so it can be a tuff advantage for a not so internationally established for the moment team like Hungary to controll this game on their home ground.

Sweden is a strong team tactical with a tough physical football sharing a deep rooted teamwork philosophy and with Zlatan Ibrahimovic scoring important goals, thats why Sweden succeed to reach the European Championship and the World Cup the past years .

Group 1 Statistics

Click to view image detailspoints 16 

Click to view image details points 13

Click to view image details points 9

Click to view image details points 9

Click to view image detailspoints 6

 Click to view image detailspoints 1

 When it comes to  placing a bet you always have to drop your “wishfull thinking” and in some games be prepared for a draw.

 Hungary-Sweden World Cup qualiying round Saturday :

 Draw no Bet  Sweden to win gives 1.50 in odds and money back if draw


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