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Fc Internazionale vs Marseille

Posted in predictions analysis and tips by mickemickemicke on March 13, 2012

Inter Milan been in the shadow for a long time now since the Champions leaugue victory, still possesing superb players in the squad, its a mystery how they could been is such a bad shape for such a long time.

Been speculating in many factors why but couldnt see any external factors like those of  multiple injuries or economical problems, .Team had coaches ,little bit of crazy one but very experienced ,had support from the fans and a solid squad so the problem is internal.

The reason why they been in the shadow for so long is beacuse of the lack of hunger after they earlier been winning it all.

After playin crappy this season and afterall reach the playoffs in the champions league says a lot a but their class, talent and routin they resting on.

A little bit of hunger added and they will play top class football again, and the hunger is called revenge today, especially after been beaten by Marseille who in this moment playing very poor in the League 1.

Fc Internationale will come back tonight, playing with style and finess like they knewn to do.

Fc Inter to get through Marseille give you a nice odds  in 2.55 times your money.


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