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Quarter final 2nd leg at Nou Camp

Posted in predictions analysis and tips by mickemickemicke on April 3, 2012

Tomorow is a big game what I think all the football lovers already know, and for the gambler is a good chance to be screwed.

The Giant Fc Barcelona with a squad playing their ”totalfootball philosophy” correct from the book  hosts the Italian Strategs from Milan led by one of the most creative player at the moment in Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

First game ended 0-0 and Milan proved skilles of being flexible by playing with focus on the defence to switch fast into attacking football what seened to make the Barcelona boys a kind of nervous for a while when they where playing the superb style they always do .

Ac Milan are to clever to just go out and play against like you always do so this game will be very frustrating for Fc Barcelona .

Fc Barcelona sadly will drop out of the tournament.

Why are the odds so small for Barcelona to win, what makes people think this game is so obvious? . Ac Milan to go thru gives you almost 5 times your money .

I like 5 times the money and Forza Milan!


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